Frequently Asked Questions

What is OptimalSIM

Using simulations of Standard Operating Procedures as input for the overall resilience and impact assessment we aim to offer a complete view on the response to potential crisis situations as grounds for increasing preparedness and resilience.

OptimalSIM helps organisations to simulate if their processes and procedures can work in real life. OptimalSIM allows the creation of different scenarios that can be simulated in order to find out if and how the organisations can face unforeseen situations. OptimalSIM can be the main environment for training the staff.

Who can use OptimalSIM

OptimalSIM is a service that can be used by organisations. There is no use of this service by individual users, therefore your Innohub account shall be linked to at least one organisation and that organisation shall be one of our customers for OptimalSIM. Click one of the options below if you want yo read more about OptimalSIM or you want to check your account status.


Where is the detailed documentation

Click on the button below to jump to the OptimalSIM documentation. Be aware that some parts of the documentation may be accessible to Innohub members (which means that you have to register to Innohub and login to Innohub in order to access those sections of the documentation). Also please be informed that other sections of the OptimalSIM documentation are dedicated exclusively to the clients (organisations) that use OptimalSIM. Those sections can be accessed only by the members of the related organisations.


How to register to OptimalSIM

OptimalSIM is part of Innohub, therefore the registration for OptimalSIM shall be made on Innohub. Once registered with Innohub, you can have access to OptimalSIM and to all Innohub services, under the provisions of the General Terms of Services and (where applicable) the Specific Terms of Services. Be aware that, for OptimalSIM you need to be also a member to at least one of the organisations that are using OptimalSIM.

How to get more information

OptimalSIM documentation provides all needed information that you need in order to understand the product and its capabilities. However, if you need more information or you need dedicated consultancy, feel free to contact us or to book a meeting with us. Click on the options below in order to get access to the information that you are looking for.

How to get support

For any issue that you may experience when using OptimalSIM you can contact us and open a technical support ticket. Click on the button below to jump to Innohub technical support section.


Organisations that can use OptimalSIM

OptimalSIM brings value to structured organisations that implements processes and procedures. In such cases, either if you want to test current procedures and to train the staff or to simulate the impact of potential changes (change management), OptimalSIM can help. There is no limit related to the size of the organisation or related to the org chart, in any case OptimalSIM will map the real life (through the scenarios that can be configured) to the processes and procedures (provided that the organisation already has processes and procedures or plans to implement/change them).

A typical application for OptimalSIM is disaster/emergency management and emergency calls handling. By simulating scenarios for disaster/emergency situations and mapping the human actions against the Standard Operating Procedures, OptimalSIM can identify the bottlenecks and suggest adapting the procedures and/or training needs. Click the button below to see a general description of the product.