PRIMED for Financial Services

Financial Services


Arrow Global is a leading European investor and asset manager in the non-performing and non-core assets sector. Identifying, acquiring and managing secured and unsecured loans and real estate portfolios for and on behalf of multinational financial institutions, Arrow works with banks, institutional fund investors and specialist lenders throughout Europe. Managing a wide range of assets across five geographies and with over 2,500 employees, both data and regulatory governance is at the heart of what Arrow does and cares about.


With multiple data sets held and processed in multiple ways across many countries and with the speed of change that you would expect of a fast growing organisation, centrally managing and maintaining visibility of data governance matters and regulatory and policy compliance presented a significant challenge. Arrow needed a way of being able to bring all of these elements together into a single connected reporting framework, whilst at the same time streamlining the reporting and oversight process.


Mapping local regulations to policies and then to the necessary internal controls using PRIMED, Arrow was able to connect and reflect the orchestration of rules to each legal entity and geography and then evidence the distribution of responsibilities to departments and the individual data categories that resided within them. This not only provided a clear map of how the rules and oversight traversed the business, it also enabled Arrow to view the status of oversight and compliance across the business through interrogable dashboards. Using calendar driven workflow it was able to automate and streamline oversight, so that a picture of progress and status could be kept up to date. At the same time Arrow was able step up the frequency and granularity of oversight without the need for incremental resources.


Before PRIMED we had no way of effectively overseeing everything we needed to in one place. PRIMED has helped us bring everything together and keep a track of everything much more effectively than you could ever have imagined” said Dave Parker, Head of Data Governance at Arrow. “It has been a real eye opener for us to see how simple complex governance can be made to be. My colleagues have now started to use PRIMED to manage the multiple threads of our Operational Resilience planning and Process Mapping and their feedback is the same as mine. PRIMED can simplify and streamline some of the most challenging governance tasks in a way that you would not have thought possible and I would not hesitate to recommend PRIMED as both an organisation to work with and a platform to deploy.



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