How do we work

how do we work

We have a set-by-step approach and also the flexibility to combine the services with the software platform so you could choose what suit you better. We also have a combined methodology, online and traditional consultancy. As much as possible we will evolve towards online services while doing our best to stay close to you.

STEP 1: Register

We need to know who are we talking with, so we kindly ask you to register with us in order to continue our discussion. That's very easy, for the start we only need your email.

If you are not yet registered with Innohub, find out how to do thisĀ 

STEP 2: Login

After you register with us, we would like to hear your story. You need to login before being able to have access to the related section and service.

If you are registered, go to the Home page and login

STEP 3: Your story

Once you login, you have access to the related site section and tool. You are invited to give us some information about your organisation and about what do you plan to do.

STEP 4: Assessment

That's our job, you don't have to do anything here! We will assess the information that you sent to us and will get back to you with a potential solution. Don't panic! That's free, we really want to understand if and what we can do for you. However, we encourage you to stay in touch if you feel the need to give us more insights. We will do the same if we see that we need more information from you.

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STEP 5: Agreement

At this point we will send you our assessment together with a proposal and a quote. The pricing contains two main components, and the All results are delivered to you through the software platform, so the related price component is mandatory, we cannot continue without this. However, you can opt to get our services too or to do the next steps by your self.

Once we have an agreement with you, we will activate your tenant and we will provide you with the credentials to access it so you could move forward and create the digital model of your business.

STEP 6: Digital and Data Models

Now you have to collect the information and create the digital model of your business/organisation and set your objectives. Next step is to connect the dots and create the data model. You will do it inside the platform and we can assist you, provided that you opted for our services also. However, even if you did not opt for our services, you can always let us know if you need help or if something does not work as expected by raising support tickets.

Sample digital model
Sample data model
Technical support

STEP 7: Reflect and Act

Now you have the AS-IS and you set the TO-BE. As some say, MIND THE GAP, schedule the road ahead (programmes, projects, tasks), periodically collect results and see where you are. You will do all these in the platform.

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