Frequent questions

Here are the most frequent questions related to the platform and services. Feel free to browse the section. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can ask us. We update this section based on your feedback.

What is the customer profile?

The platform and the services brings real value for organisations that already reached a certain level of complexity. If your organisation is a small company having less than 10 employees and a very simple business model, then maybe you don't need to use the platform and the services. In this case feel free to browse our articles and documentation and apply what you find useful for you.

If your organisation is larger, or the business model is complex and subject of a complex regulatory framework, or is distributed across a bigger territory and in multiple locations, or is facing difficult situations, or simply you want to evaluate your operational resilience, then the platform and the services can bring significant value to your activity.

Is this fit for Public Sector?

Yes, the platform and the services are perfectly applicable in the Public Sector too. Usually, organisations from the Public Sector are the most complex and the most regulated, thus this is a perfect fit. In fact, one of the most complex implementation we had was in the Public Sector and for a very important area in the Public Safety domain.

Is additional software needed?

No additional software license is needed for using the platform. This is Software as a Service (SaaS) platform hosted in cloud, so you only need a computer with internet connection and a browser and the credentials to access the platform.

Is additional equipment needed?

No additional equipment (such as servers, communication equipment) is needed in order to use the platform. You need only your computer and that's all.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is secure. Your data is stored in secure cloud environments and the access is secured by the cloud providers. Additionally, you have your own tenant, so your data does not share the storage with other customers. However, you are the only one responsible for the security and confidentiality of your credentials (registration email and password). You have to be aware that anyone who has your credentials can access your data, so please keep your credentials safe.

Whenever you feel that it may be possible that someone else can access your data, you can change your password using the self service available. You can also notify us (raise a support ticket) to temporarily block your account.

What is the price structure?

The total price is composed from the price of services and the price for using the platform. The price for using the platform is a mandatory component. The price for the services is optional, you can choose to benefit on our experience and opt for services too or you can choose to do everything by your self.

The price for using the platform includes also the technical support, so even if you did not opt for our services, you can anytime send us support tickets when you experience difficulties or when something does not work as expected. The technical support is provided on "best-effort" basis, during the working hours (09:00 - 18:00 GMT). The technical documentation is always available.

What is the payment schedule?

As general rule, the payments for using the platform are on monthly basis, based on the level of your subscription. Under the provision of the agreement that will govern our relation, in some conditions, the payments for using the platform can be made on quarterly basis.

The payments for the services are of two categories: one-time for setup services and recurring (monthly or quarterly) for dedicated monitoring and supervision services that we are providing you with. The payments for the setup services shall be made based on the agreement that govern our relation while the payment for the recurring services shall be made monthly or quarterly.

Please note that the services mentioned above are not the regular maintenance and technical support services (which are included in the price for using the platform) but are specific and dedicated consultancy services that we are providing you with for the duration of our agreement.

When to order services?

There is no specific moment when to order dedicated services from us. However we strongly advise that the setup services to be ordered (if needed) in the initial stages of using the platform (when creating the digital and data models).

What happens at the end of agreement?

The agreements are valid for subsequent periods of 1(one year) and are automatically renewed unless one of the parties notifies the other party about the termination of the agreement. However, if the agreement is terminated, all the access accounts that you are using will be blocked so you (and your employees) cannot access the platform anymore. You will receive the credentials for the administration account that will grant limited access to the data but will not grant access to any functionality.

Your data will be kept as-is for a duration of 6 months from the date when the agreement is terminated. During this period, using the administration account, you can, at anytime, to download your data that will be provided to you in CSV format and notify us to remove it from the server after download.

After the first 6 months period, your data will be archived and stored for another 6 months in a secure archive. This means that you cannot visualise the data in the platform, you can only see that there is an archive that you can download at your convenience.

After the second 6 months period, your data will be completely removed and your administration account will be closed which means that you will not be able to recover the data anymore.

What if you fail to pay?

As general rule, all payments are due in 30 days from the invoice issue date. If you fail to pay until the due date, you will be notified and you will have another 10 days to perform the due payments. If you, again, fail to pay, after these 10 days, the access to the platform will be suspended for all the accounts belonging to your organisation. The suspension period will be for another 20 days. If you, again, fail to pay, the agreement will be automatically terminated under the provisions for such termination.

Who are the typical users?

Using the software platform will make the life easier to internal auditors and risk managers. Another important category of users that can have significant benefits are the compliance and legal compliance employees. If the organisation is running multiple projects and programme, then the programme and project managers can find real value in using the software platform. Middle and top level managers and executive are also typical users for the dashboards and for the reporting features.

How is the information collected?

There are two main methods to collect the information after the data model is in place and needs to be periodically updated with data from operations. One method (included in the price for using the platform) is through questionnaires sent to the employees in a standard format, followed by automatically update of the data in the data model.

The second method to collect the information is through integration with existing platforms and software in use inside the organisation (provided that these allows integration). As much as possible we will evolve towards providing standard connectors to well known platforms together with the necessary documentation that will allow our customers to configure the integrations as needed.

However, we also provide integration services as part of the services that our customers can opt to get from us together with the access to the software platform.

What industry fits best?

There is no industry related limitation for using the CONNECTED PERSPECTIVE platform. The value brought in by the platform is generated by the complexity of the organisation and of the environment in which the organisation is active. This value increases as the organisation is more complex and acting in a more strictly regulated environment.

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