Innohub Support Center

Learn how to use Innohub Suport Center

Innohub Support Center is the single point of contact for notifying us about the issues that you experience when using our services. Our services that are provided to you through the sub-sites do not have their own technical support functionalities but all of them are directing you to the Innohub Support Center. Before using the Support Center, we encourage you to read carefully the Specific Terms of Service that are applicable for our technical support services.

It is not necessary to be registered with Innohub and/or to be logged in to Innohub in order to have access to Innohub Support Center.

How to use the Support Center

Innohub Support Center is accessible from the main site (from the main menu select the "Support Center" option) or from each sub-site of (direct links to the Support Center are visible on each page of any of the sub-sites, in the page header or in the page footer).

Innohub Support Center offers a number of functionalities that will allow you to find a solution to your issue or to get in contact with us and let us assist you in finding a solution. It is easy to identify the functionalities, each is clearly marked and at only one-click distance. In order to provide a pleasant user experience, we packed each functionality in its own "drawer". Just click on the name of the functionality that you want to use and the related area will be expanded accordingly. Click again on the functionality name if you want to close the area.

You can observe that, on top of the page, under the title, there is a table of content for Innohub Support Center. Expanding it will allow you to easy find and access the functionality that you want.

The functionalities of Innohub Support Center are divided in four categories:

  • General functionalities: these are for general issues related to the platform. The general functionalities are the Search Form and the Innohub issues support form;
  • Dedicated functionalities: these are for issues related to each of our relevant service/product. You will identify them by the name of the product or service. In the case when you cannot find a dedicated support functionality for the service/product that is of your concern, you can always use the general functionalities. For reducing the response time, we strongly encourage you to use the dedicated functionalities if you would like to notify us about issues related to a specific product/service;
  • Feedback functionalities: these are for sending us your feedback about the the Support Center and for asking general questions (no limitations here!). You will identify these functionalities right under the last dedicated functionality;
  • Direct communication functionalities: You will notice a chat bubble on the bottom-right corner of the window. Subject to the availability during the business hours, this chat functionality will immediately connect you with one of our support team members so you can engage into quick discussion about your issue.

Search form

This is a very simple but powerful way to find information that may help you to solve your issue. It is simple because it only requires to enter a search phrase. It is powerful because it will bring to you everything that we and our trusted partners knows about your inquire. So, the search will be on all PMC, and its sub-sites and ALL our business and technical partners.

Support forms

These will allow you to send us information about the issue you experience. Please notice that, in order to effectively and efficiently use the forms, we are setting cookies on your computer and you will need to input personal information when sending tickets. So, we encourage you to carefully read our Privacy and Cookie policies before using the technical support forms.

When using the form dedicated to the general issues related to the platform you will be asked to provide a little bit more input information such as the category of the issue and the product/service that you are referring to. When using the forms dedicated to a specific service/product, providing these details is not necessary anymore, so it will take you shorter time to use the dedicated forms. Please notice that you need to provide us with a valid email address (may be the same as the one you used for registration or may be another one).

We will be in contact with you on the email you are providing through the support forms. You cannot expect us to respond on a different email address and we will not do that even if (in some situations) we can identify that you used one or more other email addresses in communicating with us.

Direct chat

You can always use the direct chat functionality by clicking the chat bubble shown on the right-bottom corner of the page. Each chat session will start with collecting a minimum set of information from you. Basically is the same information that we collect through the support forms. After collecting the minimum information, subject to availability during the business hours, you will be automatically transferred to one of our team members that is online at that time and you can continue the communication. This may lead to a much faster response and solving go your issue. However, you can use the chat functionality outside the business hours also because the information that we collect through the chat session will automatically raise a support ticket.