Register to Innohub

Register to innohub

Registration to innohub will grant you with access to the protected content and to innohub services. In order for this to happen, we only need your email, we don't require any other personal information. We will use your email only for the login process and not for other purposes. However, before registration we strongly encourage you to read our privacy policy. Later on, if you enjoy innohub and you would like to access additional services, we may ask you to provide the information that we need in order to allow you to benefit of our services.

Be aware that the registration will not give you, by default, access to the whole content/services. Some parts of the content/services may be subject to private agreements between the operator of innohub (PMC) and its customers, thus only those customers can access it. Other parts of our content/services may be subject of paid subscriptions to innohub and you can have access to it only by subscribing to one of our plans.

Nevertheless, the initial registration to innohub does not require more than your email. Registering to innohub will automatically create an innohub account for you that you may use for accessing the websites/apps and services that are owned/operated by PMC. Of course, you shall also set a password for your account.

Registration methods

There is only one way to register with innohub, by providing your email address and a password.

How to register

Registration is very simple. From the main menu, select myInnohub and you will easily find the Register option. This will direct you to the registration page where you can input the email address and password. You will receive an email for confirmation. Follow the link provided by the confirmation email and that's all.

Be aware that, if you are already logged in to innohub and go to the registration page, you will not be allowed to register again.