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Get started with innohub is a repository of knowledge and online services. The main purpose of is to be the central point from where you can access our services. is the place from where you can manage your account information and the access to the services.

Inside the resources and services are presented and available "as-is" and we do not intend to claim that this is the recipe for success, but rather than that, we can say that what we offer through is already validated in practice. You are strongly advised to read the Terms of Service for more details on this matter. is not only about business only nor about technology only, it is a blend of these, the main thing that we want to point out is that business is not possible anymore without technology and technology is here just to make the business running. is also very much alive and subject of constant updates, thus new sections and services will be made available at anytime. We recommend to follow on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) in order to be up-to-date with what's new on Before entering in contact with us you are strongly advised to read our Privacy Policy.

What is documentation documentation will offer you the extra information that you need in order to get the full experience out of We choose to separate the information, resources and online services that we publish on from the information that is needed for guidance through and the support technical information that is needed to access, configure and use the resources.

We may publish also different tools and pieces of our software and we will describe in detail the features and business advantages (that's the information you will find on but the installation, configuration and specific information for developers will be published on documentation.

There are three categories of information that we publish on documentation. First, we have the public information and documentation. This category can be accessed without being necessary to have an innohub account. The second category is protected information/documentation. This category can be accessed only by innohub members, so you need to be registered to innohub in order to be able to see this content. The third category is protected information dedicated to organisations. Some of our services are strictly dedicated to organisations, thus being personalised for the organisations. This content can only be seen by being registered to innohub and being member of the organisation that uses the specific service.

How can you use can be used both in anonymous and registered ways. As anonymous user you can browse for free all sections of Although some services are free to be used, we may need you to register and provide some information in order to be able to use the free services.

Other services are not free and, in order to use them, you need to register to innohub or you need to register to innohub AND to connect your account with an organisation.

We strongly advice you to read our Privacy Policy and our the Terms of Service to find out more about this matter.

The Privacy Policy is unique for the whole The Terms of Service for using a certain service are composed from the general Terms of Services and Specific Term of Services. In other words, all our services are subject to the General Term of Services but, in some cases, Specific Terms of Services may be applicable. We strongly advice you to read the Specific Terms of Services when applicable. That's all!!! Enjoy ...