Change CP112 Start Page

Learn how to change the CP112 start page

Change your CP112 start page

By default, after login to CP112, your start page will be the HOME page of the platform. This page provides you with the shortcuts to the items that you own in CP112. However, you can change default behaviour this in order to be redirected to another section of the platform after you login.

In order to change the default login redirection, click on your user name (right-upper corner of the CP112 window) and select "Preferences". A dialog box will open. Expand the "Home" dropdown list and select the desired start section from the available options.

Be aware that you need to have access to that section. If you are not sure about this, you have to contact your CP112 administrator and to ask to be granted with access to the section that you want to be your start page after login to CP112.