CP112 Entity Charts

Learn about CP112 Entity Charts


Entity charts represents the way in which the relationships between all entities existing in the CP112 platform are shown in a graphical way. The entity charts can contain both GLOBAL ENTITIES and DATA MODEL ENTITIES and can represent both parent-child and non parent-child relations up to five levels. Click on the buttons below to read more about CP112 entities.


The entities charts can be accessed from the main menu -> HOME section. Click on the "My Entity Charts" option and select one option from the dropdown list. The selected entity chart will be shown. Click on the button below to read more about CP112 sections. You need to have the adequate permissions in order to be able to use the entity charts. Contact your CP112 administrator for any issue related to the usage of the entity charts.


The Entity Charts provides two main functionalities. The first one serves the purpose of a graphical chart, showing the information in a graphical and intuitive way. Please note that the entity charts are shown, by default, in COLLAPSED mode in order to save the space on the screen for more complex charts. Any node from the chart can be expanded with a single click on that node.

The second functionality is designed for complex data models with many entities and complex relations. All entities that are shown in the entity charts can be open for modifications and visualisation directly from the entity chart. Double click on any entity in order to open the entity dialog and visualise and/or edit that entity. By using this functionality is not necessary anymore to navigate through the CP112 sections in order to perform edit operations on the data model or global entities. However, use this functionality with care, it is not recommended to remove entities by using this functionality.


The entity charts can be created/modified/removed by the administrators from main menu -> User admin section. Inside this section click "Report builder" and "Entity Charts" and the list of available entity charts. Use "Create" option to create new charts. Click on the name of any entity chart in order to edit/modify it. Click on the entity chart row (not on the name) and click on "Delete" for removing the selected entity chart or "Run" for testing the selected entity chart.