CP112 Custom Data Model

Learn how the data model is implemented inside CP112

CP112 Data Model Template

CP112 Standard Data Model represents the implementation of the CP112 Data Model for 112 systems. CP112 Standard Data Model the main Functional Areas and Components for modern 112 systems and can be considered as a starting point for further developments to particular situations that may be different from country to country. It doesn't mean that the CP112 Standard Data Model cannot be modified, it means that this model is a template. New functional areas and/or components as well as new/updated relations can be defined as described in the CP112 Data Model.

Functional Areas and Components

Functional Area Component (where applicable)
ORGANISATION Organisation Structure
HR and Training
Standard Operating Procedures
Quality Management
Computer Aided Dispatch
Digital Radio Communication Network
Location Services


Name Description
Legal framework All the legal acts regulating the 112 service (laws, by-laws, regulations)
Organisational Structure The organisation needed for 112 operation (operational, support, maintenance): departments, positions, job descriptions, headcount, etc.
HR and Training Short and long term HR strategies; HR processes; Staff training programmes
Standard Operating Procedures Set of procedures applicable for operating the 112 service: Call Taking, Dispatching, Monitoring, etc.
Quality Assurance System KPIs, methods, tools for assessing 112 performance and for continuous improvement
Public Warning System The system used for sending public warnings in case of major emergency/crisis situations
Public Awareness Campaign(s) Awareness campaign(s) carried out in order to make the citizens aware of 112 service and encourage them to use it
Public Education Campaign(s) Education campaigns carried out in order to inform the citizens about the proper use of 112 service (emergency only)
112 PSAP(s) The Public Safety Answering Points operated by the 112 service
112 ICT Platform All the information and communication technology systems and tools that are needed for the operation of the 112 service