Introduction to CP112

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The Compliance Platform for 112 services is a tool that allows the 112 staff to closely monitor the implementation of the 112 system components and to permanently assess the achievements against the strategy and expected objectives.

The Compliance Platform for 112 is also a tool that offers the possibility to monitor the implementation throughout the whole life cycle of the system and of its components.

Within all the technical documentation dedicated to the Compliance Platform for 112 we will name this platform as CP112.


There is a very simple concept behind CP112. Following the system design, the implementation of 112 and of each of its components produces assets that are used (consumed) by the 112 organisation during operations. The purpose of the platform is to ensure the compliance of the results with the system requirements and objectives and, further on, during the operations, to assess the operational performance against expected KPIs.


CP112 provides dedicated features for each stage of the 112 system life cycle. We consider that the life cycle is composed from three stages: DESIGN, IMPLEMENT, OPERATE.

For the DESIGN stage, CP112 gives the possibility to define all requirements that the 112 system shall meet and to group them in projects. Projects can be further grouped in programmes and functional areas that, eventually, leads to the main 112 programme. Each entity can have specific and main objectives. CP112 connects them all in a fully traceable picture of the system, thus allowing the best understanding of the impact of each entity into the overall 112 implementation.

For the IMPLEMENTATION stage, CP112 gives the possibility to monitor the progress and the quality of the implementation for each task, project and programme as well as at he level of the whole 112 implementation.

For the OPERATION stage, CP112 gives the possibility to asses the performance of the 112 service against the KPIs and to perform regular audits and compliance checks for the 112 components.

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