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The subject of this topic is related to the business case that anyone shall have before starting something. We will talk a little bit about business ideas, about how to create a decent business plan, about some ways to finance the business, about exit strategies and about growing the business.
We are living very interesting times, the good part is that (almost) everything can be online, the bad part is that everybody knows that.


  1. how to create a business plan
  2. what do you need as IT support
  3. how to put in place the IT support
  4. how to fine tune the IT support
  5. how to implement the user management and social networks integration
  6. how to implement an efficient digital marketing strategy

Your Business is a Journey

During your journey you will have a lot of hops to pass. Some you have to solve so you could move ahead, some you can jump over and come back later to solve it. Although the journey can be always more complicated than the picture in which we tried to illustrate it we believe that the should be a kind of structure in it. We also believe that any business which will be not online (at least parts of it) will die.

The forecast about the internet traffic in the next years is that the most important part of the traffic will be generated by eCommerce, Social Media, IoT and mobile. What we will offer to you now are practical advices for each of the steps you have to make. Navigate to the Resources section and feel free to get the information that you may need.

How to create your Business Plan

A picture can tell more than thousand words … this is a logical approach of how you should build a business plan. You can notice the two circles (of course, not in the geometric representation of a circle), just follow the red dotted lines. These arrows indicates you that building a business plan is not a “one-shot” job, except if you are a genius in which case there is no reason for you to follow this topic …

The big circle: Numbers are a logical consequence of the story. If the numbers are not satisfactory, go back to the story and do changes.

The small circles: The focal point is what you want to do (portfolio). If the business model cannot accommodate the portfolio, go back and adjust it and be aware that any change of the portfolio will trigger changes in the market analysis.

Reading Selection

We selected for you some interesting articles that you can read in relation with the topic. Feel free to access them but please read also our General Terms of Service and Privacy Statement for external links.


Here are some resources from our Digital Store you can use in relation with the topic. Some of them are free (you can see the “Download” button), some of them you must purchase from the store.

Marco is still learning!!! So, please be patient … step by step he will be able to help you much faster than browsing the website.

innohub, innovation, pmc,, startup, business dev, chatbots, knowledge base, online services

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